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Work Experience

2012 - Wolverhampton University. MSc Degree Audio Technology. Visiting Lecturer & External Advisor.

2011 - Academy of Contemporary Music. Visiting Lecturer.

2010 - Alchemea College. Visiting Lecturer in Music Production and Recording.

2009 - NTNU Trondheim Norway. Visiting Lecturer at Music Dept. Bachelor & Masters Degree.

1989 - Writing/ Production/Engineering for all major Record Labels through all major Recording Studios. Locations: London, Paris, New York, Nashville, LA, Dublin, Reykjavik.


2014 - Sines & Squares Festival. Presentation of paper “The Synthesizer Divided”

2013 - Propellerheads Producers Conferenece. Berlin.

2013 - Producers Conference. Keynote Speaker. Red Bull Music Academy. London.

2012 - London Electronic Music Festival. Speaker “Ignore the DAW”

2011 - National Conference on Music Technology. Rockheim, Trondheim. Keynote Speaker. “The Man in the Machine or Machine in the Man”?

2009 - Sound on Sound Expo

2007 - Apple World Wide Developers Conference London Keynote Speaker. “Mixing In The Box”


Books & Magazine Articles:

2016 - Perspectives in Music Production: Mixing, Routledge/ Focal Press Publishing. Forthcoming

2013 - Sound on Sound – Advanced Mixing in Logic Pro Pt. 1 & 2

2012 - Music Technology Magazine – Music Production Tendencies and Techniques.

2012 - Macworld – Software Reviews – Logic Pro 9


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